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Laser Tech Mapping System Helps EMI Design Medical Clinic


Laser Technology, Inc. recently donated a MapStar® TruAngle® to Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a U.S.-based nonprofit Christian ministry.


Bob Smith, project leader, eMi with the TruPulse laser mapping system

Laser Tech Devices Used for EMI Site Planning

The MapStar TruAngle encoder will help site planners at EMI save time. This is largely thanks to the device’s ability to precisely calculate turned horizontal reference angles. From a site planning perspective, this helps increase the productivity that can be achieved at each convenient location. EMI is already equipped with a TruPulse® 360° rangefinder, which is capable of similar compass calculations. Adding the MapStar TruAngle takes their toolkit a few steps further. The use of reference angles removes any worries that potential compass interferences could impact their measurements. Combining the TruAngle with their TruPulse® laser rangefinder grants EMI the capability to measure without a reflector needed. Additionally, with just one operator needed, the team can always make the most out of their personnel.

More About EMI

EMI is a “Christian non-profit made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers who value Design, Discipleship, and Diversity.” Since 1982 their worldwide mission has been “to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities that serve communities and the Church—facilities like hospitals, schools, water systems, and more.” It brings us great pride to know that Laser Tech devices help eMI design facilities that serve the poor in developing countries. Their laser mapping system was most recently used to help design a much-needed medical clinic in the Las Colinas community of the Dominican Republic. The EMI team members were able to survey the site quickly from one single setup and capture multiple shots in less time, all without disturbing surrounding neighbors.  

Read more on this project in LTI’s press release: TruPulse® Laser Mapping System Helps Design Dominican Republic Medical Clinic. 

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