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Liquid Level-Measurement Is Being Redefined by The TruSense® S300 Sensor

CENTENNIAL, Colorado – May 9, 2019 – Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has developed a major enhancement of its next generation laser sensor, the TruSense® S300. This enhancement will greatly improve the accuracy and repeatability of the S300-series measuring fluids and liquids.

Optimized to measure liquids whether clear or opaque, still or turbulent, the new S300 represents a breakthrough in laser sensor technology. The S300-series uses sophisticated averaging algorithms to qualify hundreds of measurements per second. This results in a very accurate and stable measurement reading.

Laser Tech’s TruSense S300 Sensor for Non-Contact, Continuous Liquid Measurement

Through numerous conversations with Water/Wastewater facilities, it is apparent there is much interest in non-contact sensors to address the issues of high maintenance and downtime associated with contact sensors, such as pressure and float sensors. Ultrasonics and radar haven’t always proved effective, and now lasers have shown significant promise as the next generation sensor.

The graphics below illustrate the changes in repeatable measurements of the S300. Both graphs represent measurements taken from the previous and new sensor from the same water tank. Figure 1 shows actual measurements taken over a cycle of filling and draining the water tank. Results indicate the previous S300 could measure the water level at repeatable accuracy of +/- 1.5 cm. . The new S300 can measure the water level at a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 mm, as shown in Figure 2. This represents an improvement of 7.5 times repeatable accuracy.

LTI’s TruSense S300 can measure the water level at a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 mm

For the customer, this represents a non-contact sensor with very accurate and stable readings, regardless of the turbulence or dynamic conditions that might exist. The S300 has been designed for easy installation, ease of use and low maintenance.

The S300 plays a critical role in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These types of sensors are specifically developed for the measurement of fluid levels, including water, oils and slurries. Laser sensors have virtually no beam spread, no false echoes, can measure over long distances and can be directed through narrow spaces with numerous obstructions. They can also operate through protective screens and near walls. This makes them well suited for measuring fluid levels in tight spaces such as pumping stations with deep wells and exposed pipes.

The S300 also can be used for flood monitoring and control. With its stable readings, dynamic water movement does not pose an issue.

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