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Laser Technology Releases TruSense® S300 Laser Sensor


Dedication & commitment to providing accurate, high quality, & innovative laser measurement products makes Laser Tech known all over the world. Our TruSense® S300 fluid level measurement laser sensor is proof of this yet again. Engineered & designed to measure highly reflective & turbulent target surfaces, the S300 is a breakthrough in technology for laser sensors.

TruSense S300 – the Ultimate Laser Sensor for Measuring Liquid Levels

The S300 offers capabilities unlike any other non-contact, continuous level laser measurement sensor on the market. Measurements remain accurate over uncommonly long ranges. Its beam, which can shoot through narrow spaces or stilling wells, avoids false echoes. This laser sensor is the ultimate tool for many industrial and commercial applications. 

The S300 laser sensor requires little to no calibrations to get highly accurate measurements consistently and reliably. It also installs and configures easily, and has settings that can be changed to give good results with still, slow-moving and rapidly moving fluids. Many mount the sensor at the top of a well for ease of access.

This TruSense S300 video explains how the non-contact, continuous measurement laser sensor from Laser Tech offers a better way to measure water and other liquids.

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