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LTI’s Log Deck Volume Solution: Verifying Inventory Becomes A Snap


Possessing a forestry degree and over 35 years of experience as a log scaler, John Calkins certainly has dealt with all the challenges in the book when trying to keep up on verifying log deck volumes as inventory comes in and out. John strived to find a new way to take measurements and calculate accurate results for log accounting. The process needed to be easy to understand and easy for anyone to replicate. 

An Accurate, Safe and Quick Process to Measure Log Decks Has Become A Reality 

Product Testimonial and User Story –
John Calkins, Check Scaler / Log Quality
Simpson Lumber Company, WA

John approached LTI and pitched the idea to create a software program that pairs with a TruPulse® laser for a complete log deck volume solution. LTI answered the call, worked with John throughout the process and developed the Log Deck volume solution. This custom software is capable of importing the laser’s slope distance, inclination and azimuth values and calculating the square foot area of the side profile of the log deck. 

“Until now the methods have not provided the accuracy desired and it was never quick or safe to do,” says John. “It’s really quite incredible compared to the way that we used to do it. I can stay in one position without moving my feet and safely measure a deck 300 feet long.” See more on how you can not only measure log deck inventory, but tree heights and more with Laser Technology laser measurement tools at LTI’s Forestry page. 

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