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Cleveland Police Department Combating Speeders with Laser Tech’s TruSpeed® S

By R Turriff, 05/10/16

Police officers in Cleveland, OH are utilizing the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed® S laser speed gun to pinpoint speeding motorists throughout the city. Officers say the LIDAR device is “like a bullseye” because it has the ability to pinpoint an exact vehicle in dense traffic. In addition to the laser providing an accurate speed reading, it also has the capability to calculate the distance of a vehicle from the officer.

TruSpeed S to Decrease Speeding Habbits

Laser Tech’s TruSpeed S Handheld Speed Gun

The move to LIDAR occurred because of an increase in crashes and a need to reduce speeds within busier Cleveland areas. Officers in the area are confident they will be able to successfully decrease speeding in these areas with the help of their new speed lasers.

The TruSpeed S is a light, compact and affordable laser speed measurement device that offers pinpoint, single-vehicle targeting in multi-lane traffic. With in-scope data display, 7x magnification, and a rugged exterior, the TruSpeed S is the ideal tool for officers to continue to make the roads safe.

Read the Full News Story from the Cleveland Daily Banner: CPD Using Advanced Technology Against Speeders with New LIDAR Radar Devices.

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