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Webinar: MapSmart® App on Android®


LTI co-hosts a webinar with Johnny Thompson from Landmark Spatial Solutions titled, Data Collection and GPS/GNSS Mapping Made Easy: MapSmart on Android. GIS and mapping professionals are in for a treat to learn how they can overcome typical challenges faced in the data collection business and how LTI’s MapSmart® on Android® software compares to other mapping solutions available in today’s market.

Data Collection and GPS/GNSS Mapping Made Easy: MapSmart on Android Webinar

MapSmart software is specifically designed for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately map in the location of features in 3-D with or without GPS/GNSS and additionally measure attribute data such as heights and spans. It even offers an onboard solution to calculate stockpile volumes.

Work with a live map display with touch screen and the ability to quality check your data as you go. Measure quickly, safely and accurately, and then make calculations and edit data right in field. MapSmart on Android can easily be your one-stop-solution for all of your mapping needs.

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