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TruPulse® Helps Streamline Mapping Process for Public Works Company


The East Dillion Water District in Summit County, Colorado, contacted North Line GIS, LLC, a local GIS consulting firm, to develop a program to help map their assets.

A variety of features needed to be collected, so custom Esri ArcPad® forms were needed to streamline the mobile mapping process. Colorado’s high country is a beautiful sight for most, but collecting field data can be quite a challenging feat. Fortunately, Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) TruPulse® 360 helps make mapping of all sorts a simplified and more efficient practice, for field-workers and companies alike.

Quicker GIS GPS Data Collection and Mapping

Working with unpredictable weather, extremely rough terrain, and high snow banks calls for a different methodology in positioning water features, signs, and other assets the district maintains. The TruPulse 360, integrated with Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.’s GMS-2 GPS unit running ArcPad, made for significant time savings. “By using the TruPulse 360 together with ArcPad, our field crew was able to drastically decrease the expected time of collecting water system data. We saved one-third of the time it would have typically taken to map all the signs, meters, hydrants and valves for this project,” says Mike George, president of North Line GIS. 

For monitoring and billing purposes, the district also invested in new water meters that report usage directly to its GIS, which is why it is important to have reliable geo-reference field data. The TruPulse 360 also allowed North Line’s field crews to collect accurate locations on these meters without stepping onto any of the homeowners’ private property. 

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