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TruPulse 360𝗂 Release Unveils Latest 3D Rangefinder

The next generation of compass-fused TruPulse laser rangefinders begins with the release of the new TruPulse 360i, a rugged and fully Bluetooth-compatible tool capable of precise distance, angle, and azimuth measurements.

3D Rangefinder Technology Refined for Next-Generation with Laser Tech’s Release of the new TruPulse 360i

Laser Tech's release of the TruPulse 360i marks a new chapter of intuitive and user friendly compass-infused rangefinder technology.

Laser Tech’s release of the TruPulse 360i marks a new chapter of intuitive and user-friendly compass-fused rangefinder technology.

CENTENNIAL, CO, June 26, 2024: Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-grade laser rangefinders and makers of the original TruPulse®️ series, proudly announces the release of the new and improved TruPulse 360i. 

This next-generation version of Laser Tech’s TruVector® compass-fused TruPulse 360° rangefinder enhances the most advanced handheld laser rangefinder on the market. Faster target acquisition speeds accompany increased accuracies for distance and inclination to bring the powerful tool to new heights. A modernized design adds to the user-centric experience with tactile button feedback, an ultra-bright heads-up display, and expanded Bluetooth connectivity, all while maintaining a rugged waterproof exterior. 

We are excited to introduce the professional measurement community to the new TruPulse 360i, which keeps all the best features from our previous compass rangefinder models while incorporating several customer-driven updates.”

-Jordan Vermillion, Laser Tech Director of Marketing

The TruPulse 360i includes full Bluetooth compatibility for pairing with any device.

The TruPulse 360i includes full Bluetooth compatibility for pairing with any device.

Users will enjoy the rugged and waterproof nature of our previous TruPulse 360°R model in a more ergonomic design. Improvements featured in this next-generation user interface reveal themselves quickly, with faster target acquisition, streamlined results analysis, and simplified menu navigationThis exciting new rangefinder also offers improved specifications from previous versions in several key performance areas.

-Derrick Reish, Laser Tech Global Senior Product Manager 

The TruPulse 360i boasts accuracy specifications that users have come to expect from Laser Tech: 

Along with these technical improvements come feedback-driven updates to the user experience: 

Visit LaserTech.com/product/trupulse-360i to review full specs and request a quote on the new TruPulse 360i laser rangefinder. 

About Laser Tech 

Laser Technology, Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturing and design company for innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments to address real-world needs and applications. Laser Tech’s TruPulse® laser rangefinders allow field crews to accurately measure distance, height, and elevation safely and efficiently. When paired with Laser Tech’s LaserSoft® apps, professionals can easily streamline workflows and document every measurement captured.  Learn more at www.lasertech.com. 

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