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Ukraine Seeks TruCAM® Laser Speed Gun

By T Nyland, 10/03/18

It was a sunny and prosperous day on the streets of Ukraine, until tragedy struck on July 20th, 2018. The day started out like any other, until speed and traffic accidents flooded the country.

By the end of the day, a new term was coined for the extensive amount of traffic-related fatalities: Black Friday. To prevent crashes like these from causing further damage to Ukraine, police turn to Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) TruCAM® laser speed gun.

A Tragic Crash Sees Ukraine Turn to LTI’s TruCAM

LTI’s TruCAM Photo Video Lidar Speed Enforcement Device will be used in Ukraine for traffic safety.

On July 20, around 5:00 AM near the village of Krivoye, a Lake Nikolaevskaya region, a Volkswagen Minibus containing passengers crashed into a truck. 5 died and 12 with severe injuries. 

At 11:00 AM at the entrance to the village of Pribugskoe near Khmelnitsky, a head-on collision between an IVECO truck and VW Golf resulted in 3 deaths and 1 severe injury. 

A few hours later in the Zhitomir region, at the 127th kilometer of the Kiev-Chip highway, near the village of Glubochitsa, a minibus and large DAF truck with a semitrailer collided. 10 people died and another 10 were hospitalized. 

In the evening, near Kiev on Staroobuhovskaya highway, another collision caused a family of three to burn alive. A motorcyclist also died in Kiev who flew over the handles and into an advertising banner. 

A total of 22 people died that day in Ukraine. A fatality number that the country hasn’t been seen in years. 

TruCAM to Prevent a Repeat Event

However, police are taking action to ensure another Black Friday incident doesn’t happen again. Ukraine has invested in the TruCAM laser speed enforcement gun that will be implemented and installed in cars of the National Police. Police hope that the use of this speed gun will decrease risky driving behaviors and help prevent another Black Friday tragedy. 

Read news article – Tomorrow patrol police will receive a laser speedometer TruCAM to fix speeding. 

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