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Drivers in Poland Taste the Power of LTI’s TruCAM®


A new tool is in Poland helping officers enforce the speed limit and it is called the TruCAM®. This laser is not just a speed enforcement device but has the power of video to provide the irrefutable proof of a traffic violation.

Law enforcement use this device for violations from speeding, tailgating to distracted driving. Now drivers in Poland are finding out just how powerful this laser device really is. 

TruCAM Helps Polish Officers Gather Evidence

LTI’s TruCAM gathers photo-lidar evidence

During the national “speed” campaign, held in January, police officers in Poland used the device to enforce the speed limit for the very first time. Drivers were described as trying to explain that it must have been the car in the lane next to them, but found out that the technology of the TruCAM can capture the vehicle make, model and show that it was indeed their car on video.

In the article on tvn24.com, it was stated that “This happened especially often on roads with at least two-lane roads – says asp. Marzanna Boratyńska from the Łódź road route. The recordings will prove that the test was correct. The picture taken additionally will register if the riders had their seatbelts fastened and if the driver did not talk on the phone.” 

Read the article, (which you may need to Google-translate to English) here: Speed ticket, no seatbelt and telephone conversation. The police have a new “toy”. 

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