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Together We Drive Safety Public Service Campaign

Traffic Safety is one of Laser Tech’s three major divisions. We create products to improve safety on the roads and the communities they connect. For 35 years and counting, we remain driven to supply devices, software, and solutions to professionals who share our goal.

To help large and small departments, we now offer new traffic safety advocation graphics. These resources focus on the phrase Together We Drive Safety.

Explore our free public safety banners and infographics here.

Together We Drive Safety Aims to Help Encourage Safe Driving

Our mission is to leave dangerous driving in the past. From everyday drivers to traffic engineers, law enforcement, and everyone in-between, the safe-driving community will always be stronger together. Together We Drive Safety asks us all to unite.

Understanding the Issue

These quick stats show alarming, yet very avoidable traffic-related issues in the United States:

Car driver shaking hands with a pedestrian through passenger window

Achieving safer roads requires a united community.

This only shows part of what our campaign will address. Driving is the largest piece of the pie. Still, the full picture also includes hot-car deaths/trauma, theft prevention, proper car care, planning for long drives, blind-spot tips, and more.

Taking Social Action, Together

We will continue to use social influence outlets to spread awareness and invite you to join our campaign. Use the hashtag #TogetherWeDriveSafety when you post about best-driving stats, practices, tips, and tricks. Tag us and we will support your contributions to Together We Drive Safety messaging:

Download public safety banners and infographics which are free for you to use. This library will continue to grow as we work on our common mission.