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Testimonial: Mapping Peregrine Nest Sites with the TruPulse® 360°


Monitoring Peregrine Falcons in the state of New York is the responsibility of the Department of Environmental Conservation. Biologist Scott Crocoll has been mapping Peregrine nest sites for more than a decade.

With a TruPulse® 360° laser rangefinder in his hands, Crocoll shares his testimonial and user story.

Data Collection Challenges

The Peregrine nesting territory is a huge area for one man to cover. Where the birds nest — high up on cliff faces in densely wooded areas, on ledges atop skyscrapers and along bridge support structures — intensifies the mapping challenge.

Accessing nonurban nest sites can involve long treks through densely wooded mountainous areas and often traversing a body of water to reach the foot of the nest site. Gaining access to urban nest sites poses different challenges. Owners “aren’t really keen on having anybody climbing around on top of their buildings or bridges,” says Scott.

Laser Measurement Solution

Scott now uses the TruPulse 360 with wireless Bluetooth®, with various GPS receivers running ArcPad® software. Cliff height doesn’t matter because the TruPulse 360 can shoot +/- 90 degrees.

“Even if I’m standing at the bottom of a cliff face, I can shoot straight up at the nesting site and be able to hit the thing,” Scott reports. “Plus, the TruPulse weighs less than half a pound.”

Advancements in laser measurement technology also help with Scott’s urban data gathering by eliminating the need to access buildings or bridges. According to Scott:

“I can go to a site, set up on the street someplace and have my data done in about five minutes. It’s very fast.”

Over the years, Scott has become efficient at evaluating data-gathering solutions. “A key to not becoming overwhelmed by the options is to first figure out what you really need and go from there,” he recommends. “Also, do a demo with the equipment at one of your project sites so you can see firsthand how the technology can help you complete the project better and faster.”

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