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Laser Technology Releases LaserSoft® WorkSite App for Hybrid Laser


LaserSoft® WorkSite App on Google Play

LaserSoft® WorkSite App in the App Store.

Designed to work in conjunction with the TruPoint® 200h hybrid laser, WorkSite App makes daily work easier, safer, and more efficient for professionals working in these core industries: Insurance, Real Estate, Construction, Utilities, and Forestry. Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) announced today (April 28th, 2020) the release of a new app for iOS and Android® – LaserSoft WorkSite App. This software is available at no cost. 

Document Your World

WorkSite’s Projects module provides maximum flexibility in documenting the assets, infrastructure or resources that are important to LTI’s customers. The App consists of 6 modules: 

An Alternative to Traditional Methods

WorkSite is the first app LTI has created that does not require a laser for use as measurements can be typed in from any tape or device. Users can: 

Projects from the WorkSite app can be uploaded to a dashboard on Laser Tech’s first ever Cloud program. This service is free to our customers for up to 3 active projects. The WorkSite Cloud includes all app functions except receiving laser data plus: 

Read LTI’s Press Release on LaserSoft WorkSite App.

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