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Laser Technology Releases LaserSoft® WorkSite App for Hybrid Laser


LaserSoft® WorkSite App on Google Play

LaserSoft® WorkSite App in the App Store.

Designed to work in conjunction with the TruPoint® 200h hybrid laser, WorkSite App makes daily work easier, safer, and more efficient for professionals working in these core industries: Insurance, Real Estate, Construction, Utilities, and Forestry. Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) announced today (April 28th, 2020) the release of a new app for iOS and Android® – LaserSoft WorkSite App. This software is available at no cost. 

Document Your World with LaserSoft® WorkSite App

WorkSite’s Projects module provides maximum flexibility in documenting the assets, infrastructure or resources that are important to LTI’s customers. The App consists of 6 modules: 

An Alternative to Traditional Methods

WorkSite is the first app LTI has created that does not require a laser for use as measurements can be typed in from any tape or device. Users can: 

Projects from the WorkSite app can be uploaded to a dashboard on Laser Tech’s first ever Cloud program. This service is free to our customers for up to 3 active projects. The WorkSite Cloud includes all app functions except receiving laser data plus: 

Read LTI’s Press Release on LaserSoft WorkSite App.

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