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Laser Tech’s UltraLyte in Transporter Refueled


The Transporter Refueled (2015) starring Ed Skrein as Frank Martin, a former special-ops mercenary, makes the mission become personal when his father, played by Ray Stevenson, is kidnapped and taken hostage.

The rules in this sequel remain the same for the transporter – don’t open the package, don’t ask for names, and never change the deal.

UltraLyte Makes a Hollywood Cameo

Laser Tech’s UltraLyte laser speed gun appears near the 25 minute mark of The Transporter: Refueled

During an exciting high-speed chase on the roadways of the French Riviera, major traffic violations are broken. As the transporter races along hairpin twists and turns with his ‘packages’ there are multiple car and motorcycle crashes, running of stop signs and red lights, and a heart pounding police chase. During this scene, a motorcycle police officer uses LTI’s UltraLyte laser speed gun as the transporter’s car comes flying out from an underpass as the chase continues.

It was enjoyable watching this movie and wonderful to see the representation of one of our products being used on-screen.

The UltraLyte is used by law enforcement worldwide and is considered one of the most reliable speed enforcement tools on the market. Read more information and see the different UltraLyte models in this laser series.

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