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Laser Technology’s Solution Best for Measuring Log Decks


Looking to know the exact volume of your log deck inventory? Laser Technology (LTI) provides log scalers a safe, accurate way to get those measurements needed with the TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder and Log Deck Volume Solution software.


Instantly Calculate Deck Length and Area

John Calkins, a log scaler with over 30 years experience in the business, worked with LTI to come up with the solution that revolutionized the way log decks are measured. LTI’s Log Deck Volume Solution instantly calculates the deck length and area as well as calculates the MBF for specified log species and diameters.

By using the TruPulse 360 with Log Deck, no more tape measures with prism poles are needed; no more estimating due to obstructions or hazards of walking around the pile of logs. Here is a much safer way to know exactly what inventory is on hand.

In a recent article in TimberLine, John states, “You measure with the laser rangefinder right to the deck…it’s straight forward, easy to understand.” He goes on to say:

“I can stay in one position without moving my feet and measure a deck 300 feet long.”

Log decks can now be measured weekly, by one employee, with results provided instantly and with a higher accuracy. Quick, easy, simple interface and the ability to measure from a safe distance.

Read the full article from TimberLine – Best Alternative for Measuring Log Deck Volumes.

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