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Laser Technology, Inc., and ProStar Geocorp Announce the Integration of Their Mobile Mapping Technology

A new laser offset function is now available in ProStar’s PointMan mobile app using LTI’s TruPulse® 360° laser rangefinder for digital mapping and data collection

CENTENNIAL, CO Oct 1, 2018 – Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), the leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments announced today it has joined forces with ProStar Geocorp®. This business partnership will enable the delivery of an affordable and efficient solution for capturing precise distances and offset measurements within ProStar’s PointMan® mobile application. Integrating PointMan with LTI’s TruPulse 360 professional-grade laser rangefinder provides a complete and comprehensive digital mapping and data collection solution. 

Laser Tech and ProStar Geocorp Team Up

Laser Technology Global Marketing Communications Manager Paul Adkins said:

“Bundling Laser Technology’s rangefinders with PointMan creates a complete and comprehensive solution that is an affordable and easy-to-use option for precision mobile mapping of utility and pipeline assets.” 

The solution works by simply connecting ProStar’s PointMan software to the TruPulse 360 laser via Bluetooth®. Professionals can now easily capture precise distance and offset measurements of multiple assets from a single location while simultaneously producing high quality maps and datasets. All LTI lasers measure range and inclination, but the TruPulse 360 models additionally measure azimuth. All those raw measurements get automatically imported directly into PointMan software which then calculates a remote location of any asset shot by the laser. 

“We’re excited about this collaboration,” said Page Tucker, CEO and President of ProStar Geocorp. “Our partnership with Laser Technology, the industry-leader in distance measurement instruments will be best-in-class in terms of offering a powerful, cost effective and user-friendly laser mapping solution.” 

About ProStar Geocorp
ProStar is a World Leader in developing Geospatial Intelligence Software. ProStar’s flagship solutions are Transparent Earth® and PointMan®, natively Cloud and Mobile solutions offered as Software as a Service. ProStar’s Solutions are designed to improve asset management business practices by providing unprecedented geospatial intelligence, precision and transparency. ProStar’s Solutions enable real time access to critical information where and when it is most needed including in the office or out in the field. With ProStar’s Solutions companies can now streamline operations, monitor workflows, measure productivity and make more informed business decisions with a higher degree of confidence. Learn more at ProStar Geocorp.