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Joint Pole App Earns Recommendation from PennWisp, LLC

Nov 11, 2022: We release the LaserSoft® Joint Pole app to simplify life for electric and telecommunication professionals.

Feb 3, 2023: We receive a testimonial statement that exemplifies our mission in action.


PennWisp, LLC, recommends Joint Pole App as a Powerful Yet Low-Cost Solution

“Thanks for a great product!”

Jeff Evans is the CEO at PennWisp, LLC & Northern Tier Broadband, a company that “prides itself on being the best in customer service and satisfaction.” These high-speed Internet providers are commonly tasked with expansive and time-consuming pole audits. Enter our Joint Pole app, which works its way into the PennWisp toolkit with assured results.

While corresponding with Steve Colburn, our Applications Training Specialist, Evans shares that the “LaserSoft Joint Pole application has allowed [PennWisp] to quickly and accurately perform pole audits for submission to our local utility.” 

He points out that “the application’s many outputs allow a seamless integration into our workflow for importing to our GIS system, as well as PDF reports, that allow us to forward to the utility.” Remarks like these help us confirm that the Joint Pole app provides a modernized and user-friendly alternative to traditional methods, as intended.

“Achieving quality through dedication and innovation” remains the overall focus for our team at Laser Tech. This motto goes deeper than just the products we release. Evans experiences our extensive commitment to this notion firsthand. He goes out of his way to note that the “LaserSoft team has been easy to contact and very helpful in understanding the workflow in the field and office.” Evans expands on this tip-of-the-hat by stating that Laser Tech professionals “are willing to listen to recommendations for product improvements.”

Speaking on behalf of PennWisp, LLC, Evans sums up his experience with a recommendation:

“We recommend Joint Pole as a great solution for pole audits [that] compares to other products costing many times more.” 

Hearing that our Joint Pole app meets real-world needs at lesser costs is fuel to our engine as industry leaders. Being able to save time and money for hard-working folks like you continues to drive our mission forward.

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