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Laser Tech Releases LaserSoft® Joint Pole App

CENTENNIAL, CO, Nov 11, 2022: Laser Tech introduces the Joint Pole field data collection app to their LaserSoft lineup.

Electric and telecommunication professionals now have a new solution to further increase safety and efficiency in the field.  


Joint Pole app to help Modernize Utility Pole Data Collection

Users of this practical app can utilize their TruPulse® laser rangefinder’s non-contact technology to measure and record a utility pole’s location, condition, attachment heights, and other make-ready measurements, from a safe and convenient location on the ground. The rangefinder data auto-populates these data fields to generate comprehensive reports, which can be exported with referential photos and notes included.  

“We are excited for our Joint Pole application to help utilities professionals streamline their field data collection processes for make-ready engineering work, pole loading analysis, and other aerial inspections. Using rangefinder data instead of traditional measurement methods will help these busy folks increase productivity with a boost to their safety and no sacrifice to their accuracy.” 

-Steve Colburn, Laser Tech Applications Training Specialist 

The Joint Pole app is now available for  Android™ devices through the Google Play store.  

About Laser Tech 

Laser Technology, Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturing and design company for innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments to address real-world needs and applications. Laser Tech’s TruPulse® laser rangefinders allow field crews to accurately measure distance, height, and elevation safely and efficiently. When paired with Laser Tech’s LaserSoft® apps, professionals can easily streamline workflows and document every measurement captured.  Learn more at www.lasertech.com. 

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