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TruPulse® Line Inspection for Vegetation Management

By S Lassiter, 05/16/17

Ground truth your clearances to confirm your data and during your ground patrols to reduce your vegetation management costs. With an LTI TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder compass laser in hand, vegetation management professionals can now avoid violations and create a process that is reliable, cost-effective and most importantly, safe. 

TruPulse Rangefinders Simplify Tasks in Forestry

Ground Truthing Clearances is Crucial Step in Vegetation Management

Using the TruPulse 360 in conjunction with LIDAR scans or PLS-CADD models helps to streamline the vegetation management process. The single push of a button allows professionals to measure distance, inclination, height, azimuth and more. With LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology built in, the TruPulse 360 can even instantly calculate clearance values and provide the best possible azimuth accuracy, no matter what pitch or angle the laser is shot from. 

Laser Tech’s TruPulse 360R Laser Rangefinder

This technology provides a simple way to ground truth clearances and offers electric utilities a resourceful way to avoid violations by visiting specific problem areas located directly on the ground, preventing missed hazards and eliminating huge fines. 

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