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Elite 1-M Recreational Rangefinder Receives Innovation of The Year Award


The much desired Innovation of The Year Award from Guns & Ammo magazine for the 2016 year was given to Bushnell’s Elite 1-Mile laser rangefinder with CONX. Gun and Ammo magazine, is the preeminent and most respected magazine in the firearms field.

Laser Technology (LTI) is proud that our very own engineers were an integral part of the design process for this laser. Our partnership with Bushnell goes back to 1994 when we got together and created the very first ever commercial recreational laser rangefinder. The Elite 1-Mile CONX is one of the latest of a long line of recreational products designed and developed through this partnership.

LTI Tech Featured in Award Winning Recreational Laser Rangefinder

Designed and built for the professional marksmen, the Elite 1-Mile CONX offers pinpoint precision and high-quality optics and sports a 7x magnification. This rugged and compact laser rangefinder features second generation E.S.P (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) allowing the device to quickly and accurately acquires distances from 5 to 1,760 yards, with up to +/- one-yard accuracy.

“The ability to shoot afar with intent is a skill that’s been made easier for all riflemen using the Bushnell CONX system,” wrote the editors of Guns and Ammo magazine. “It starts with the Elite 1-Mile CONX rangefinder, which is the first laser rangefinder that can interface with a smartphone or tablet.”

Being able to connect the Elite 1-M wirelessly to their smartphone or tablet gives shooters that extra edge that’s been needed. They now can upload data including custom ballistic curves and display on their phone or tablet’s screen such measurements as distance, angle of shot and holdover for a spotter.

Read the article by The Outdoor Wire at Bushnell Elite 1-Mile Laser Rangefinder with CONX Wins Award.