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Distracted Driving : The Leading Cause of Fatal Crashes


Put down those cell phones, don’t reach for something in the next seat or turn your head to talk to the kids in the backseat; keep your eyes and attention to the road when you’re driving. 

Distracted driving has once again continued to be the leading cause of fatal traffic accidents in the State of New Jersey. According to a State Police analysis of fatal crashes in 2016, that makes six years in a row. 

Distracted Driving Needs to be Left in the Past

Distracted driving continues to cause crashes on the roads

This latest report, which was released January 2018, shows distracted driving was a factor in 217 out of 570 fatal crashes in 2016 in the state. The analysis also showed an increase of 40 traffic fatalities from 2015. While these are statistics for New Jersey, distracted driving is a huge problem all over the world. 

Safety experts are trying to make drivers more aware and educating them on the importance of paying attention while driving. In the news article, Distracted driving leading cause behind fatal crashes in 2016, it was stated, “I think we need to go back to basics, making sure people understand basic driver safety,” said Cathleen Lewis, AAA Northeast spokeswoman. “We need to focus on education and awareness when it comes to driver behavior.” 

Education is a key factor in making sure people understand just how taking your eyes off the road even for mere seconds can cause an accident. Knowing facts such as these below helps to provide that awareness in which people need to understand just how important and fatal distracted driving is in today’s world of cell phones and technology: 



Our laser speed measurement tools such as the TruSpeed® Sxb not only measures the speed of the vehicle, but officers can clearly witness the violation with the 7-power scope magnification. Laser Technology Inc. has long known the importance of obeying the rules of the road, and is committed to the fight to combat distracted driving and help law agencies enforce other traffic violations.

In that spirit, we encourage you to read the full article here: Distracted driving leading cause behind fatal crashes in 2016 

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