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Ask the Experts Webinar With Seiler

By M Dalton, 07/01/20

On Friday, June 26 at 11 am CT Seiler and Laser Tech hosts an Ask the Experts “Best Practices for Laser Workflows.” Seiler is a distributor of surveying software and instruments and has partnered with Laser Tech for years.

The webinar goes through a laser overview, applications and solutions, as well as different industries these solutions work in.

Geospatial Webinar from Seiler and Laser Tech

Steve Colburn, Applications Training Specialist, Derrick Reish Senior Professional Measurement Product Manager and Brian Ferry, Professional Measurement Sales Manager for the Northeast discussed Laser Tech’s products and solutions. Jay Riester, Joe Madej and Dan Horn joined as panelists for Seiler to discuss case studies in the field. 

Forestry, GIS, mining, electric utility, and public works are some of the industries that benefit from LTI’s solutions. Laser offset can be used to find missing data points even in poor GNSS environments. Attach a GPS solution to one of LTI’s lasers to have a complete solution. Gather data in less time to get the job done. 

Laser Tech uses pulse reflector-less technology and has a variety of different lasers that have tilt, compass and sensor options. Paired with apps, LTI offers a variety of solutions to help solve problems in a safe and efficient way. The Mapsmart® App is a field data collection software designed for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately create a map of an area. 

Watch the Geospatial Mapping webinar.

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