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Act of Kindness by this Quiet Warrior


Going beyond the scope of simply doing his job, Austin Police Department Officer, J. Borne, helped make a difference in not one, not two, but three lives.

No Ticket Needed

Officer Bourne using an UltraLyte LRB on patrol. Photo credit: PoliceOne.com

A commendable act of kindness between strangers starts when Officer Borner receives a notification. He is asked to go check out reports of a pedestrian dangerously walking in the middle of the road, while pushing a stroller with them. Bourne heads to the reported scene and sees the citable behavior for himself. Then, instead of just sticking to what his job might entail, Bourne goes a step further and offers the woman and her child a ride to wherever they are headed. No violations are issued, and the community is served in admirable form.

Officer Bourne’s compassionate approach meant taking the time to genuinely speak to this woman and hear her out. One can imagine that after handling more encounters of these sorts than you could count on your fingers might make it easy to care less each time and fall back on procedure alone. This wasn’t the case for Borne. After finding out the reasons and situation behind the woman’s actions, it was easy for an officer like Borne to choose helpfulness. After all, small gestures like these can help make a more impactful and lasting difference in people’s lives. By providing the assistance that was truly needed, officer Borne stepped up and reminded too many of us what being a good police officer can mean.

It’s wonderful to be able to share these types of stories about the law enforcement agencies that use Laser Technology’s traffic safety products. We are proud to be a part of the team who are dedicated to saving lives and making our roadways safer for all. Read more at Quiet Warrior Making A Lasting Difference.