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Act of Kindness by this Quiet Warrior


Going beyond the scope of his job Austin Police Department Officer, Jason Borne, helped make a difference in not one, not two, but three lives.

No Ticket Needed

Officer Bourne using an UltraLyte LRB on patrol. Photo credit: PoliceOne.com

Receiving notification to check out a pedestrian with a stroller walking in the middle of the road, he went to the scene and instead of writing up a violation, offered this woman and child a ride.

Taking the time to recognize and find out the reason of her actions, Borne made a lasting difference in their lives by providing the assistance that was really needed. Read more at Quiet Warrior Making A Lasting Difference.

It’s wonderful to be able to share these types of stories about the law enforcement agencies that use Laser Technology’s traffic safety products. We are proud to be a part of the team who are dedicated to saving lives and making our roadways safer for all.