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TruPoint 300 Replaces Total Station for Spidercam®

by S. Colburn | September, 2022 (updated 2/20/24)

The high cost of traditional total stations is fair when you consider the intensely precise accuracies they achieve. However, these accuracies can often go far past the needs of an end-user. Enter Spidercam®, a “market leader in broadcast cable camera systems” who turns to Laser Tech’s TruPoint 300 to meet their accuracy needs at a fraction of the price.

TruPoint 300 for Practical Accuracy at Fractional Costs

Laser Tech's TruPoint 300 provides a practical alternative to traditional total stations

Laser Tech’s TruPoint 300 provides a practical alternative to traditional total stations

Members of spidercam decide to look for measurement equipment that might replace their conventional total stations. They see an ad for LaserTech’s “Affordable Total Station” and become intrigued. Shortly after contacting a Laser Tech partner, Spidercam receives a unit for testing. It doesn’t take long to find that this Laser Tech device is a better fit for their needs.

It is critical for spidercam to analyze the spatial characteristics of any filming location that will utilize their signature suspended-cable cameras. The TruPoint 300 helps by generating relative XYZ coordinates for several key points that a user measures to. These data points feed into spidercam’s processing software, which controls their cameras during filming. The whole process helps ensure that aerial camera movement is smooth, coordinated, and free from risk of collisions.

Daniel Paulete, Senior Project Engineer with spidercam, speaks on using the TruPoint 300:

TruPoint 300 used by spidercam

TruPoint 300 used by spidercam

“The TruPoint 300 has replaced the expensive total station on our jobs and can do everything we need. It is easier to use than the total station and much more robust and waterproof. Not only are we very satisfied with the product, but the customer service was also excellent. 

The technical support was also very available and knowledgeable. They helped me set up our new device to suit our needs and are there when you need them. Because of this experience we are looking to purchase multiple units to replace all our total stations.”

Complete Your Mapping Toolkit

Many mapping applications do not require the pinpoint accuracy of a conventional total station. In these cases, Laser Tech’s TruPoint 300 device provides an effective alternative at a fraction of the price. In addition, field crews often cite the Laser Tech device’s transportability as an added benefit. Kudos to Daniel with spidercam for seeking out a more cost-effective measurement solution for his company!

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