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LTI’s TruCAM II to Help Fix Civilian Driving in Bosnia

By T Nyland, 11/12/18 

Sarajevo is the capital city of the Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to one of ten cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). Surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and residing next to the Milijacka River, it is a beautiful destination to be visited, with a variety of historical tourist destinations, yet a treacherous driving environment for locals. This is where Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) TruCAM® II factors in.


Sarajevo Canton Police Take Action to Lower High Road Fatality Numbers

Understanding the Statistics

According to the official statistics, the ratio of road fatalities in BH is around 10,3 against 100.000 citizens; that is three times higher than Western Europe. Almost 380 people die every year on BH roads, while 11.000 get injured. A study showed that every year the Federation of BH faces approximately 250 fatal casualties and over 6.800 injuries in traffic accidents. Between the cost of medical treatment, property damage, administrative work, productivity loss etc., the economy of BH is losing over 400 million EUR a year (more than 5% of its annual GDP). 

What can be done?

Sarajevo Canton Police are continuously taking preventative measures to advance traffic safety, including investment of equipment. At the start of 2018, MIBO Komunikacije, an authorized dealer of LTI products for over a decade, helped traffic officers find the right speed enforcement tool that best suited the needs of Sarajevo Canton Police Department. After traffic officers tested out demo units of LTI’s TruCAM II speed enforcement tool, they knew this was the product to replace their current handheld lasers. 

LTI’s TruCAM II Steps in

Laser Tech’s TruCAM II speed enforcement tool being tested by Sarajevo Canton Police Department

The TruCAM II Speed Enforcement Laser with Video, is the most advanced device for traffic officers on the market today. The TruCAM II allows officers to catch more than just speed violators: following too close, aggressive driving, misuse of HOV lanes, distracted driving, obstructing traffic and seat belt violations.

Integrated with LTI’s AdapTec technology, users can generate high-resolution images and videos with automatically adjusting focus, iris and shutter speed for users up to 150 meters away! With TruCAM II’s extended video tracking and speed capture, officers can extend their range of up to 320 km/h for both approaching and departing vehicles. 

The TruCAM II will help improve current and future traffic safety efforts in the Sarajevo Canton region in reducing the amount of traffic accidents, fatalities and those injured in an accident.

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