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LTI’s Teen Driving Awareness Blog Series: Introduction

By T Nyland, 10/21/18

Communicate with your teen this week about the importance of safe driving during this year’s Teen Driving Awareness Week, October 21st through October 27th. Laser Technology, Inc. Talks About Teen Driving Awareness Week.


Preparing for Teen Driving Awareness Week

A newly licensed teen is highly inexperienced on the road and is faced with new distractions, new technology and other new drivers. A positive, powerful message has shown to be more effective than the “scared straight” approach when speaking to your teen.

The University of Maryland did a review of over 500 evaluations of crime prevention strategies and listed Scared Straight as a program

that does not work. Research has shown that teens understand they are vulnerable and are aware of the present dangers in the world, but do not have the mental capacity to anticipate the consequences of their actions. Teens have been known to become overwhelmed and shut down no matter how positive the person’s intention was.

Looking Ahead

It is important, not only this week, but every week, to talk about safe driving behaviors with your teen. During this time, we should also reflect on our own individual driving behaviors and look for any negative habits we may have developed over the years that could be passed down to your newly licensed teen.

Stick around this week for our Teen Driving Awareness Week Blog Series, featuring:

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