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Control Your Own Data with LTI’s Smart Device Stockpile Solution 

By Rturriff, 09/01/16

Gathering stockpile volume data is easier than many might think. In just a few simple steps, professionals can calculate all the necessary values with just a smart device and a laser. Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) provides professionals with specific solutions to calculate stockpile volume and tonnage. 

As Easy as Using a Smartphone App

LTI’s new MapSmart® on Android® software merges the sophisticated technology typically required to collect reliable field data into a simple-to-use app. Combine the software with a Bluetooth® enabled LTI laser to accurately measure the volumes of any kind of stockpile. Simplify the mapping process by quickly establishing an origin to start mapping like a pro within minutes. Because MapSmart now runs on Android, users benefit from a simplified mapping process and improved workflow that includes wireless data transfer, larger display, as well as built-in help support. 

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