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Laser Technology Products Used to Map Major League Baseball Fields


Elecdata, a partner of Laser Technology, was asked by a client to provide a demonstration of a more effective way to map baseball fields for netting systems. The demo was held at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. The tools of choice selected for the demo by Elecdata, were Laser Technology’s TruPulse® 200X laser rangefinder, the MapStar® TruAngle® angle encoder and MapSmart® software, along with the Archer 2 data collector by Juniper® Systems. The object was to gather measurements of the field to be able to provide the accurate amount of materials and time to accomplish the task and do so as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

Laser-Based Solution Helps Ensure Safety of MLB Fans

Major League Baseball, as of December 2015, has encouraged all of its teams to expand the netting systems for their backstops to ensure the safety of fans from bats and balls that sometimes go into the stands between the dugouts and within 70 feet of home plate. It has become a priority of MLB teams during the 2016 pre-season to get this accomplished for their fields and install new and safer netting systems as soon as possible. 

Knowing that many pro and semi-pro baseball stadiums contain different scenarios such as some are enclosed, some open, etc., it only seemed natural to select this type of mapping system. With LTI’s laser-based mapping system, there was no need to even leave home plate. Electdata was able to map out everything and more and show the client that this system was the perfect tool to accomplish the job accurately, quickly and easily. The Laser Technology mapping system was a hit and the client purchased their own system and was able to map many baseball stadiums around the United States with minimal training needed.

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