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Laser Technology Increases Sales and Efficiency with the Cloud


It was time for a change, time to bring Laser Technology’s (LTI) sales and marketing processes up to speed with the rest of our state-of-the-art technology. Being the world leader in laser speed measurement, keeps LTI busy enough without having to be dealing with paper trails, emails and phone calls. Moving to Oracle Sales Cloud has done just that. It has opened up a new level of efficiency not only with the sales team but throughout the entire company.

LTI’s modernization of our company’s sales process has increased sales by 30% and raised the sales team productivity level. The change in the process has made work life much easier and a lot more efficient.

Roosevelt Rogers, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, states, “Laser Technology’s business issues had to do with managing information and that management of information included quotes, leads, and opportunities which were then managed through spreadsheets. Now we have a webex and they just show me their opportunities, we make notes in the opportunities right there, we don’t have all these papers floating around.” “When I go to the sales forecast meetings, I just bring it up my computer and everything is right there.”

LTI is currently in the process of going a step further and adding Oracle Marketing Cloud to the mix of streamlining our business processes. The automation and efficiency level is anticipated to move up even higher. The Marketing Cloud Service, specifically, Oracle’s Eloqua, will provide the team access to tools only previously dreamed about within LTI.

The new cloud platform will enable LTI to get the data needed via computer or mobile devices from anywhere we are at, and at any time during the day or even night. Life at Laser Technology is being made a whole lot easier with the adoption of the Cloud.

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