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Laser Technology, Inc. Feature Story in JD Edwards Profit Magazine

By R. Turriff, 10/08/15

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) was recently featured in the 2015 JD Edwards Special Issue of Profit Magazine. The article, entitled Laser Focus, commends LTI of their small staff and the ability to still be efficient meeting stringent deadlines. LTI attributes this success to Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Laser Technology, Inc. is able to keep close track of inventory and financials, which keeps the built-to-order process running smoothly. In order to enable a smoother and more effective process, LTI chose Oracle Sales Cloud to integrate with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, which “facilitates the flow of information between sales and the rest of the business.”

Because of the continual upward growth, LTI needs to stay on top of its service and shipment processes. Chris Budden, VP of Operations at LTI, said “our ERP system provides seamless integration between departments. It’s a tool that we don’t have to struggle with or think about every day. It’s always there working for us, day in and day out, and it allows us to spend our time on the business at hand.”

With the addition of Oracle Sales Cloud, sales representatives will have access to customer information and warehouse inventory right on their mobile device, creating higher visibility and allowing sales representatives around the world to provide a better customer experience.

With this system, LTI was able to hit high levels of growth and improve efficiency and productivity throughout the company, delivering the best customer experience possible and continuing to remain the world leader in laser speed measurement.