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Albania Law Officials Train To Use TruCAM® for Speed Enforcement


The police academy in Tirana, Albania was the heart of a special training held for law enforcement officials in January on using Laser Technology’s TruCAM®.

For the very first time, these officers used lidar camera systems and learned how they can best employ them for enforcing the speed limit in their country.

TruCAM Photo/Video Lidar System Introduced to Albanian Police

Albanian police begin training with Laser Tech’s TruCAM

For three days, which consisted of two groups each attending 1 1/2 days, Franck Margerin, European Sales Director of Laser Technology, along with TCN, LTI’s dealer in Tirana, explained and demonstrated how to use the photo speed enforcement laser.

Much interest in the training was shown with high ranking officials including the #1 Chief of Police, the head of the Police Academy and the Head of the Traffic Police, stopping by to see for themselves how the unit works.

Safe driving habits are a definite concern within the country as major roads in Albania are improving. Unfortunately, in areas where they have improved, speeding and traffic accidents are now becoming the major problem.

The Embassy of the United States website states:

“According to the Albanian Ministry of Health, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death, and accident victims are the main users of hospital emergency services.

Road traffic injuries are a national public health and development problem in Albania and their magnitude is rising at alarming levels. Traffic related accidents in Albania are higher than in other Eastern and Central European countries.”

Officials decided it was time to take action and work toward reducing these statistics. They chose the TruCAM to help provide visual proof to offenders of their speeding and traffic violations. LTI’s TruCAM collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence, including the vehicle make, model and license plate number, giving them indisputable evidence both for the violator and in the courtroom.

Albania starts their program of speed enforcement on their roadways with 4 TruCAM units from LTI.

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