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4 Simple Steps for Disinfecting Laser Tech, Inc. Products

By T. Nyland, 06/10/20

Cleaning, and keeping items clean and sanitized, does not have to be a tedious experience. With simple routines and everyday supplies, you can have a consistently clean product that provides a contamination free surface for all.

Whether your Laser Tech (LTI) laser-based tools are used solely, or are being shared among teams daily, now more than ever it is important to take the time to clean them properly.

Learn how to disinfect your laser measurement products with Laser Tech’s video

Travis Emsbach, Service Manager at LTI, takes use through the 4 steps LTI uses to disinfect our products prior to entering the repair process. Watch the video, below.


By following Federal and CDC recommended guidelines, this helps protect our employees involved in the service process.

You can use these at the beginning and end of every work shift with your own LTI products to keep yourself and others safe from the spread of disease and illness.

LTI’s Disinfecting and Cleaning Process

Step 1: If the product is in its original case, the case is spayed and disinfected using Lysol disinfectant spray. (Both soft and hard cases)
Step 2: The product is then removed from its case and wiped down using a cleaning disinfectant wipe. (Lysol, Clorox, CaviWipes). If using a Lysol spray, it is best to spray a microfiber cloth and then wipe down the product with the cloth.


  • Avoid spraying the product directly.
  • The full line of LTI products can safely be wiped down with any over-the-counter disinfectant wipes.

Step 3: Pay attention to grips, keypad/ buttons, and eyepieces. You may wipe down lenses to disinfect, but then clean and dry lenses with a clean cloth or lens tissue.
Step 4: After cleaning the product, wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Following these steps ensure that the product is disinfected prior to entering our repair process.

Once the repair has been completed, the product is wiped down again using these 4 simple steps prior to being repackaged and returned to the customer.

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