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LTI Laser Sensor Engineered for Traffic Management 

By T Girmann, 03/25/2014  

Smart highways are becoming more and more familiar. We now see travel time estimates posted on LED signs along highways quite often. The term “Smart Highway” is related to intelligent data gathering and use. Laser sensors are replacing older technologies, such as road magnets, for vehicle detections and classifications.

Typical installation of these lasers include side-fire or overhead configurations. This installation does not require destructive or expensive actions, such as digging into existing asphalt and concrete road surfaces. Moreover, laser sensors allow the user to gather as much critical data as possible.

Laser Technology’s TruSense® T-Series Laser Sensor: an Ideal Choice for Managing Traffic

Data including vehicle speed, height, length, and position allow the user to classify and determine traffic conditions. Because of this, travel times, vehicle types, and traffic congestion statuses are easily measured. Eye-safe lasers make this non-contact technology perfect for Traffic Management. 

The LTI T-Series traffic laser sensor’s mounting options offer installation flexibility with the promise of technological accuracy and dependability. Optional external optics increase coverage and outputs, including RS232, and triggering offer users many options for Traffic Data Management. Red light camera triggering requires fast detection times, but customers demand installation ease. This means that LTI’s T-Series sensors are ideal for capturing traffic in red light detection applications, in addition to traffic-counting and presence detection. Furthermore, the long-range and non-contact measuring abilities of these sensors provide installation flexibility that lives up to customer needs. 

*This product has been retired in 2022*