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TruPoint™ 300 Mapping Kit

Incident Mapping Package

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TruPoint™ 300 Mapping Kit


Small, lightweight and compact total station ideal for use in applications such as Crash & Crime Scene Investigation, Natural Disaster or Hazmat Surveys.

SKU: 7035196

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The TruPoint™ 300 total station produces survey-grade accuracy, offers onboard data storage and calculations, and communicates wirelessly with your phone or tablet. Ideal for any size department, it measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles for X, Y, Z measurements. The data collection workflow saves time and accurately captures measurements up to 300 meters.

The TruPoint 300 total station is the go-to tool for collecting the measurements you need quickly, easily, and safely. No need to carry around multiple, heavy tools anymore.

The TruPoint 300 integrates with the LaserSoft QuickMap 3D® mapping app for iPhone® and iPad®. Use this full featured system to accurately map evidence using the single-shot, radial with angle mapping method.

Join the next step in technology with the TruPoint 300:  the all-in-one measurement solution.


How the TruPoint 300 Total Station Measures Up:

  • Obtains missing line measurements using MapStar® Angle Technology.
  • Operates easily with step-by-step icons and a color display screen.
  • Provides high quality, accurate, easy to see targets measuring to every time with the 4X Zoom camera.
  • Collects and stores 3D measurement coordinates in DXF format.

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Crime Scene Mapping Made Easy with QuickMap 3D

Set up in less than two minutes and only measure the data you need as easy as a smartphone app. Embed photos with your data set and email your CAD-ready files from the tablet.

QuickMap 3D Training: TruPoint 300

This QuickMap 3D training video walks you through step-by-step on how to install the Android version of QuickMap 3D on your tablet including downloading the LaserSoft app from Google store and activating your license key using the LTI purchase ID. The training video also goes through the required steps on setting up the wireless connection between the TruPoint 300 laser and your tablet. Additionally, it covers how to start a new survey and takes you all the way to making your first shot.


TruPoint 300 Firmware Update Instructions Download TruPoint 300 Firmware Update (zip) File Download

Key Features

Set up in seconds and start mapping within minutes

Shutting down roadways is expensive and carries the dangerous risk of secondary crashes; time is always of the essence. This stand-alone complete mapping system complements the tools and workflows in your crash scene mapping toolbox.

Reflectorless technology eliminates the need for a prism

With limits on manpower and budget, there cannot always be a second person to assist at a scene. Laser Tech’s reflectorless technology will allow for the first reconstructionist at the scene to start the scene mapping and get the road back open as soon as possible.

Use control points to stitch together large scenes and create reference points for drones

Laser Tech equipment also serves as a complement to the other pieces of equipment used by your department. Use control points to stitch together large scenes and to create reference points for drones or robots.