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QuickMap 3D® Android Data Collector Basic Pkg


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QuickMap 3D® Android Data Collector Basic Pkg


Includes: rugged Android™ tablet, QuickMap 3D Android software license, tablet cradle, claw mount and arm, quick start guide.

SKU: 7035165



About QuickMap 3D

QuickMap 3D® (QM3D) field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility needed for crash and crime scene mapping. It’s a simple yet powerful program that easily integrates with Laser Tech (LTI) laser devices and mapping accessories. Specifically designed to be intuitive so more time can be spent mapping rather than training.

QM3D organizes your photos of a scene to match up with your data set. Photos are automatically named by file name, point number and note and one or more photos can be named for each data point. Insert images into CAD with perfect alignment to enhance your 3D diagrams.

Easily review the coordinates and notes associated with each collected data point with the Point Detail feature. Be confident that the point you measured is the correct one before you leave the site. Edit any points, review raw measurements for each point, and view all the measurement values in a tabular format.

Available for Android™ and iPadOS devices.

Try the QuickMap 3D app today with a full-featured 30-day free trial period. Licensing is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.