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Laser Technology Releases Next Generation Continuous Level Laser Measurement Sensor for Fluids

CENTENNIAL, CO  May 18, 2017 – Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has released its next generation laser sensor, the TruSense® S300. As a continuation of the S200 series product line, the S300 is an S-family sensor created specifically to measure fluids and liquids.

Optimized to measure highly reflective target surfaces, the new S300 represents a breakthrough in laser sensor technology. With features such as a low-gain diode and an optional lens kit, the TruSense S300 is designed to increase reliability, accuracy and repeatability while decreasing random noise associated with the properties of many fluids.

A level measurement sensor, the S300 plays a critical role in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These types of sensors are specifically developed for the measurement of fluid levels, including water, oils and slurries. Laser sensors have virtually no beam spread and no false echoes, and can measure over long distances and can be directed through narrow spaces with numerous obstructions. They can also operate through protective screens and near walls. This makes them well suited for measuring fluid levels in tight spaces such as pumping stations with deep wells and exposed pipes.

The S300 is a non-contact, continuous level laser measurement sensor. Non-contact refers to the sensor’s ability to accurately measure the level of a fluid without the requirement for the sensor to be in contact with the fluid and offers benefits, such as where corrosive or sterile fluids are concerned. Continuous level measurement refers to the sensor’s ability to provide constant updates on the precise level of the fluid, giving you up-to-date information throughout the day and allows for better planning and operational control.

Laser sensors can be installed at the top of a vessel for easy installation, access and maintenance. For high temperature and high pressure vessels, laser sensors can be mounted using a sight glass. Laser sensors can also be used with stilling tubes. Because of the laser’s narrow beam width and independence from dialytic properties, stilling tubes can be made much simpler and less expensive than when using radar or ultrasonic sensing technologies.

The S300 has the ability to be set to different parameters, based on the agitation level of the fluids. With an intuitive user interface, a low-gain diode, and an optional lens kit, the TruSense S300 is easy to use and extremely accurate, ensuring you get the correct measurement the first time.

For more information about LTI’s laser sensors, visit our website at Laser Sensors or call 1-877-696-2584.