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Laser Tech Introduces TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser

CENTENNIAL, CO  February 11, 2020

Laser Technology, Inc., a manufacturing company specializing in laser speed, distance, and measurement devices, has announced the release of a new hybrid laser measurement tool within their Professional Measurement Division: the TruPoint200h integrated with Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT). 

LTI is known for developing lasers using pulse technology, found throughout their professional-grade lasers for field measurements and mapping, and within the world’s most popular line of recreational rangefinders for hunting and golf. 

Laser Tech Redefines Data Collection with Hybrid Pulse/Phase Laser Measurement Tool

Laser Tech’s TruPoint 200h hybrid laser

After the successful launch into the phase-laser technology market in 2017, with the introduction of the TruPoint™ 300, LTI wanted to further advance laser measurement collection by integrating both phase and pulse technology within one device. The TruPoint™ 200h is the first of its kind and redefining how professionals measure and collect data, producing accurate long-range outdoor measurements and short-range accuracy for indoor measurements. 

The TruPoint 200h measures slope distances and degree of inclination, allowing the unit to calculate horizontal and vertical distances, height, and 2D missing line values. The accuracy of the laser depends on the technology it is using: +/- 2-4 cm (0.8 – 1.5 in) for pulse and +/- 1.5 mm (0.05 in) for phase. 

“The TruPoint 200h is a unique field instrument that provides the long-range outdoor measurement capabilities of a laser rangefinder with the high accuracy indoor performance of a laser distance meter. It combines the traditional features and functions of both measurement devices to allow for a familiar and efficient user experience no matter what your field measurement background is. Carrying the TruPoint 200h in your toolbox is like having 2 different products in one, reducing cost, saving time and minimizing the number of instruments you have to take into the field,” states Eric Miller, President and COO of LTI. 

TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser’s Key Features:

Laser Tech’s TruPoint 220h Hybrid Laser in Action

The 200h is ideal for LTI’s traditional pulse technology markets of Electric Utilities, Forestry, Mining, GIS, and outdoor Construction. The addition of phase technology brings about additional applications for Appraisers, Insurance Adjustors, and commercial and residential Construction Contractors for both indoor and outdoor projects. 

Combining millimeter to centimeter range accuracy with a rugged exterior and IP67 rating makes this the optimal measurement tool for any environment. High range accuracy is best used in applications identified in the Electric Utilities markets, including Pole/Joint Use Audits & Inventory, Vegetation Management and Danger Tree in the ROW. 

LaserSoft WorkSite App

LTI simultaneously launched LaserSoft® WorkSite, a free new app for Android® and iOS operating systems that harnesses the power of the TruPoint™ 200h. Working closely together to store your most important measurement information and deliver complete and professional reports. WorkSite was designed to extend the capabilities of the TruPoint 200h to make daily work easier, safer, and more efficient. 

WorkSite can be used without being connected to any laser, and measurements from any tool can be entered into its measurement records (from a TruPulse, tape measure, etc.), making this unlike any other app LTI has on the market today.

Furthermore, you can merge these tools with your current GPS/GNSS tech and Software/Apps for a high-caliber solution with unrivaled accuracy at a budget-friendly price. The TruPoint is ready to be shipped to you. Learn more about pricing and find a list of Authorized Dealers or call 1.303.649.1000 to speak directly with an LTI representative. 

About Laser Technology, Inc. 

Laser Technology, Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturer providing laser-based speed and distance measurement products and solutions to address real-world needs and applications, including speed enforcement, incident investigation, forestry, mining, utilities, surveying, and industrial process control. Providing solutions globally through their strong partner and distribution network. Holding over 68 patents, with many patents currently pending, LTI is the leader of innovative pulse-measurement technology and is a privately-held company ran by David Williams, CEO.