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Laser Technology, Inc. Laser Range Finder Sensors for UAV’s

By T Nyland,  05/18/18 

Will laser applications become an essential part of drone engineering? Global Market Insights predicts that the commercial drone market will grow from $541 million in 2016 to $17 billion by 2024. This positions the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry to be exceptionally prosperous.


Laser Tech showcases TruSense® Laser Sensor at UAV/Drone Show

AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 saw all things unmanned brought to Denver, CO. The year’s convention didn’t only show off drones. Thousands of leaders and innovators from the UAV Industry and defense departments came together to share, discuss, and gain insight on the this technology, which is being developed throughout the world. The collaborative effort from all sectors of the UAV industry included everything you need to build your complete UAV system. UAV insurance, fiber optic cables, sensors to microchips, and market insights were all featured. 

Since Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) specializes in laser rangefinders, we showcased our TruSense laser sensors. These sensors can go over a mile with high accuracy, which is why they are perfect for the UAV industry. TruSense® lasers are small, lightweight, low-powered, long-range, high-accuracy sensors. Some choose only to use the laser’s distance features, while others also utilize the energy-return-reading features. 

During an interview with GPS World at the show, Clint Cowan, LTI’s Sensor Product Manager, discusses and demonstrates how the laser shows a value of energy-return off of a target. “We have people, for example, who want to know about ice-lows. When they are flying over ice-lows, we get a specific integer return off of ice so our lasers can tell the difference between land and ice,” states Cowan. 

Watch Clint Cowan of LTI showcase the TruSense to GPS World at Xponential 2018 

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