Small, Tough, and Versatile: A Police Testimonial on Using the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed® Sxb to Overcome Geographic Challenges

by THart 12. November 2021 11:46

Deputy Dustin Oakley of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado, is just one of the many professionals who make use of the technology offered by Laser Tech's (LTI) Traffic Safety division. Deputy Oakley recently had his hands on one of LTI’s TruSpeed Sxb speed measurement and mapping lasers, for use in the field, and shared a candid testimonial on his experience. This told us how one of LTI’s tactically designed devices helped overcome the geographically driven challenges that the Eagle County area was known to present to officers tasked with upholding traffic safety regulations.

Seeking Stealth in a Mountainous County

One can imagine that some element of stealth comes in handy when attempting to observe traffic in its natural form, as any blatant sight of an officer’s vehicle triggers even the most by-the-books motorists to quickly re-evaluate and often completely change the state of their driving. Oakley explains that “as a County Agency on the Western slope of the state, [officers] are limited with places to park to do proactive speed enforcement.” Namely, according to Oakley, the difficulty at hand comes from the fact that the “county has various landscapes, ranging from tight neighborhood roadways, to ranchlands, to mountain roads, all of which have narrow roads.”

In addition to the width of the roads themselves cutting into any general opportunity for officers to post up out-of-sight, Oakley mentions that the alpine nature of Eagle County’s topography offers a second challenge. Many stretches of road cannot be effectively observed for traffic regulation, regardless of how narrow the roads may be, thanks to abundant hills that feature characteristically steep rises and drop-offs. Oakley emphasizes how traffic safety enforcement is challenging in this environment, often requiring a lane of travel to be blocked off so officers can avoid being seen by motorists from miles away.

A Tactical Solution

With LTI’s TruSpeed Sxb in hand, Oakley finds that the old struggles may no longer be an issue. Most notably, the deputy suggests that the size, portability, and range of the device offers officers a more in-the-moment approach to traffic safety enforcement. He confirms that the laser is “small enough to be placed in [a] patrol bag without falling out when brakes [are] applied heavily, and yet big enough to [quickly] grab and [use to] acquire a target vehicle.” Pairing with this is the laser’s 7x zoom, which Oakley credits for allowing him to then “pinpoint vehicles with ease, even at greater distances.”

Deputy Oakley also acknowledges the device’s exterior as playing a role in the Sxb’s potential to present on-the-go traffic safety enforcement options: “The body of the TruSpeed is rugged and tough; being surrounded by rubber made it easy to set on our car computers, allowing [the laser] to grip without falling off [when briefly] placed on a car computer. The laser even stayed in place when [Oakley] put it up on [his] computer and drove off to conduct a traffic contact.”

In the end, the Deputy highlights the laser’s versatility, and proposes that the abilities to gather quick measurements and calculate inclination may offer reliable solutions to the geographic challenges that typically hassle officers at the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

*Some quotes were edited for clarity


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