Thirteenth Ken Jordan Award for Excellence in DUI Enforcement

by TNyland 28. February 2019 14:55

Ken Jordan was a DUI Colorado Springs Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on December 4, 2006. Jordan responded to help two other officers with a traffic stop. As he approached the stopped car to evaluate the suspect of driving under the influence, the driver pulled out a handgun and opened fire.

To honor Officer Jordan's life and work, the Ken Jordan Award for Excellence in DUI Enforcement was created by the Pikes Peak Region DUI Task Force. This award honors a law enforcement officer that has been recognized by their peers as an individual who regularly goes the extra mile in DUI enforcement.

Officers nominated for this annual honor embody the following attributes:

  • Dedication above and beyond standard departmental expectations in the field of Impaired Driving Enforcement
  • Commitment to the community’s goal of reducing the number of impaired drivers on our roadways
  • Excellence in the area of impaired driving detection and apprehension
  • Demonstrated themselves as being a leader among their peers
  • Committed to continuing education and expanding knowledge on both personal and team levels

This year during the Thirteenth Annual Ken Jordan Award the Task force recognized these six outstanding Officers, Sergeants, and Deputies from two agencies that are members of the task force:

Colorado Springs PD
Officer Michelle Nethercot
Officer John Parisi
Officer Craig Calkins

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
Sergeant Jason Haag
Sergeant Cliff Porter
Deputy Edwin Wilson

"This award is dedicated to a true hero, a good officer, a brother, and a friend," said Sgt. Glenn Thomas.

*Image by Joe Bevans, Photographer for @KOAA News 5

The Thirteenth Ken Jordan Award was presented to Deputy Edwin Wilson.

Deputy Edwin Wilson said that cracking down on drunk driving started out as a contest on his midnight shift with mentor Sgt. Cliff Porter. By 2018, Deputy Edwin Wilson was the leader in DUI and felony arrests, and overall enforcement.

Deputy Edwin Wilson’s peers stated over and over in each nomination letter that he goes above and beyond time and time again: however, Deputy Wilson mentioned that he never thought the extra effort would lead to two nominations and the 13th Ken Jordan Award for Excellence in DUI Enforcement.

"Unfortunately, in impaired driving enforcement, it is hard to measure the success of proactive police work," stated State Patrol Cpl. Nicholas Hazlett, chairman of the Pikes Peak Region DUI Task Force, who also won the Ken Jordan award two years ago. "But with the impact Deputy Wilson has made in 2018, it would only be reasonable to think that his work has saved on, if not more, innocent residents of this county from serious injury or death."

"His work on the midnight shift is recognized by his peers and is infectious." Deputy Edwin Wilson's greatest achievement to date was when he was performing a routine traffic stop that ended up being a well-known drug dealer in the area, who happened to be high. Deputy Wilson ended up confiscating 1.25 pounds of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and an excessive amount of cash.

Congratulations to the Thirteenth Ken Jordan Award for Excellence in DUI Enforcement: Deputy Edwin Wilson, and all the nominees who help keep our communities safe!

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