Trinidad and Tobago: The LTI TruCAM, Speed Limit and Speeding Tickets

by admin 20. January 2018 12:43

There has been over $420,000 in speeding tickets issued as of January 4th, since the speed limit has been changed, reports The Caribbean Communications Network Limited - CCNTV of Trinidad and Tobago. These tickets were only issued the first three days of the 2018 year and the police are urging their drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit. Speeding has been a long-time issue on this island's roadways and law enforcement have been working these past few years trying very hard to reduce traffic fatalities. Over 55% of traffic fatalities in 2016 were reported to be as a result of speeding. A new speed enforcement implementation using LTI's TruCAM video laser speed device in mid 2016 was enacted to increase safety on their highways.

The TruCAM stores a complete chain of video evidence providing a high-resolution image along with capture the speed of the violator. During the report, it was said that "Road safety measures have resulted in decreased road fatalities, with 2017 recording a 22 year low." ASP (Ag.) Kissoon Badloo of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, states "At the end of 2017 there were 117 road traffic deaths from 106 fatal road traffic accidents. Whilst ten years ago we were recording over 250 road deaths, we as a country have managed to reduce this figure by 50% which is to be commended.

CCNTV - January 4, 2018 - Speed Enforcement with TruCAM

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