by admin 23. March 2017 11:25

The annual Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference (ESLETS) is being held April 6th - 7th in Albany, New York. This two-day event brings together over 300 police officers of all ranks from around the state. Offering attendees training, presentations with keynote experts along with networking opportunities, ESLETS is the only highway safety forum of its kind in NY.

Laser Technology is dedicated to providing laser measurement products that will assist law agencies in speed enforcement, crash investigation, tailgating enforcement and other traffic safety applications. We will be exhibiting our products including TruSpeed laser speed guns, TruCAM handheld photo lidar and many others. We encourage law enforcement attendees of the event to stop by our booth and get a hands-on demonstration.

LTI has been in the business of helping to save lives, one measurement at a time is proud to have developed the first ever commercial speed laser device in 1991. Read more about our Traffic Safety products.

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