Laser Technology, Inc. Video Speed Enforcement Solution Causes the Lowest Number of Fatal Road Accidents Reported in 15 Years

by rturriff 18. July 2016 06:19

Trinidad and Tobago are continuing to significantly reduce fatal road accidents with help from the Laser Technology's (LTI) TruCAM laser speed gun.

In just two, short months of using the TruCAM the Trinidad and Tobago police force have seen a significant decline in speeding throughout the country. With over one thousand tickets issued so far, Trinidad and Tobago has recorded 152 accidents, the lowest number of fatal road accidents for the year and the lowest it has been in 15 years!

With the extreme success of the TruCAM throughout the country, the Honorable Mr. Fitzgerald Hinds, the Minister of Works, is seriously considering the purchase of more speed guns to add to their current inventory.

The TruCAM laser speed gun collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for speeding and produces a high-resolution image that allows officers to identify the vehicle make, model, license plate number, and characteristics of the driver. Combined with a tablet and printer, the TruCAM allows officers to capture the speed of a violator and send that information down the road where a second officer will be waiting with printed evidence.

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For more details about how Trinidad and Tobago are using the TruCAM to enforce speed, visit our previously posted blog - Trinidad and Tobago Crack Down on Speeders with the LTI TruCAM.

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