IPTM Symposium 2016

by admin 27. June 2016 12:02

The IPTM Symposium on Impaired Driving Enforcement will be held July 11 - 13 in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Held annually, this symposium is a great learning tool for professionals in the field of DUI enforcement prosecution. Attendees will hear about the latest developments and technology available to the most recent drug craze and newest law books. Offering key speakers, presentations, sessions, exhibits and networking, this symposium is a must attend if you're in this field.

Laser Technology will be exhibiting our latest in Traffic Safety products including the latest in crash scene investigation - QuickMap 3D on Android - the only crash scene mapping software available to date on this platform. So stop by our booth and have a chance to get a hands on demonstration of this and other LTI products available.

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