LTI Demos Construction Zone LIDAR System in New Jersey

by rturriff 20. April 2016 14:43

Representatives from Laser Technology, Inc. recently visited the New Jersey State Police to give a demonstration of the new Construction Zone LIDAR system.

LTI Representatives Demonstrate
Construction Zone LIDAR system.

The TruSpeed Se and PicoDigiCam LR combination give speeds of oncoming vehicles and provides videos and photos of the measurement. In order to show this capability, the system was set up at the side of the New Jersey Turnpike while the video observation section was set up in a van in an area alongside the road.

New Jersey State Troopers in attendance were able to safely observe the speeds of passing vehicles by looking at computer screens in the van. Oncoming vehicles were captured successfully and the Construction Zone LIDAR System ran without any issues.

Video Observation Section for
the Construction Zone LIDAR system.

With the Construction Zone LIDAR System, the TruSpeed Se and PicoDigiCam LR, officers have the ability to capture speed infraction information along with a crystal clear image of the license plate up to 900 ft. away. What makes this system unique from other speed enforcement systems is that it electronically interfaces with the lens for auto-iris, auto-focus and switching the nighttime filter on and off, which can all be controlled from a remote location using the Ethernet connection. Users can also remotely view and operate the PicoDigiCam LR with Shareview, LTI's proprietary utility software that runs on a PC. All the captured images, along with all the embedded violation data, can be downloaded to a central station or to other devices located on site. With this ideal solution for long range photo and video evidence, there is no opportunity for a driver to spot the enforcing officer.

To learn more about LTI's Construction Zone LIDAR System call us at 1.303.649.1000 to speak to one of our representatives.

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