TruSpeed Se Laser Rangefinder Gains Approval in France

by rturriff 18. April 2016 08:45
TruSpeed Se

The Laser Technology, Inc. TruSpeed Se laser rangefinder recently gained approval in France and was featured in the top French automobile magazine!

The TruSpeed Se offers state-of-the-art technology and is simple and straightforward to use. With a weather-resistant rugged exterior and tactical grip, it is tough enough to handle any condition or situation that an officer encounters. The in-scope data and menu display provides officers with instant readings so they can enforce and verify speeds with confidence. Use the TruSpeed Se independently as a speed enforcement laser or integrate it with the PicoDigiCam LR to provide you with a complete photo and video enforcement system.

With the combination of the TruSpeed Se and PicoDigiCam LR, officers have the ability to capture speed infraction information along with a crystal clear image of the license plate up to 900 ft. away. The PicoDigiCam LR electronically interfaces with the lens for auto-iris, auto-focus and switches the nighttime filter on and off. You can also remotely view and operate the PicoDigiCam LR with Shareview, LTI’s proprietary utility software that runs on your PC. All the captured images, along with the embedded violation data, can be downloaded to a central station.

With this new approval, officers can now accurately and safely enforce speeding on their roadways. For more information on the TruSpeed Se and PicoDigiCam LR and other products for traffic safety, visit our website at Traffic Safety Products, or call 1.303.649.1000 to speak to one of our representatives today.

Read the TruSpeed Se article from Auto Plus (this article is written in French).

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