Walmart Foundation Grant Used to Purchase an LTI TruSpeed LR

by rturriff 22. February 2016 12:29

Thanks to a $1,500 grant from the Walmart Foundation, the West Hartford Police Department in Connecticut are now able to improve their speed enforcement efforts. Because of the grant, the traffic division was able to purchase the LTI TruSpeed LR. With their new technology, the West Hartford Police Department will continue to make traffic safety a priority and can now accurately and efficiently enforce the speed limits around the town.

TruSpeed LR

Extremely simple to use, the TruSpeed LR laser speed gun offers straightforward menu options and has only six, icon-based buttons. The LR version captures violations at 4,000 feet. Like all LTI laser speed measurement devices, the TruSpeed LR has pinpoint targeting, which enables officers to effectively distinguish the speed and direction of a single vehicle in multi-lane traffic.

The TruSpeed LR boasts a lightweight, ergonomic design specifically engineered for comfortable, hand-held use over long periods of time, while the polycarbonate exterior and aluminum chassis that protects all the internal components makes it extremely durable.

Learn more about the TruSpeed LR or give us a call at 1.303.649.1000.

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