Laser Technology’s UltraLyte Speed Gun Seen on the Today show

by rturriff 24. November 2015 12:27

With school underway, safety for students walking to and from school becomes an important issue. This year, police officers in Tempe, Arizona are taking school zone speeding very seriously. In order to stop offenders, they are using LTI’s UltraLyte LR B, one of the market’s most durable and widely used laser speed gun in the world. With cars driving as high as 20 mph over the speed limit in school zones, the UltraLyte LR B is able to calculate an accurate speed reading of offenders, making drivers more aware and students safe.

Watch: LTI's UltraLyte Speed Gun on the Today Show
aired on September 9, 2015

Read more information on Laser Technology's UltraLyte Series and see why these laser speed guns are considered to be the most durable and reliable speed enforcement tools worldwide.

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