Indianapolis Police Crack Down on School Zone Speed Limits

by rturriff 28. August 2015 11:05

30,000 Indianapolis students started their first day of classes on Monday morning and local police officers are cracking down on speeding in the school zones to keep them safe. According to Officer Chris Meyers, most drivers are not paying attention and tend to drive through the 25 MPH zones at around 30-32 MPH, ignoring the required speed limit.


The overwhelming amount of speeders in the school zones has made one need very clear: a reliable and accurate speed measuring tool. With the help of Laser Technology, Inc., local police officers began to use laser speed guns on Monday, specifically LTI's TruSpeed, to enforce the school zone speed limit.

Using the TruSpeed laser speed gun, Officer Chris Meyers discovered that almost everyone who drove through the school zone was speeding. Meyers hopes that his physical presence with the laser will have an impact on the drivers and cause them to slow down. He said, "It's a reminder to the people. 'Hey, I need to pay attention to what I am doing out here. I need to get off my cell phone. I need to stop checking my Facebook. I need to drive". It's important to him and the entire Indianapolis Police Department that the students stay safe and LTI's TruSpeed is going to help make that happen.

Read the news article - Slow Down: IMPD officer patrols school zones on first day of classes.

The features of the TruSpeed laser are exceptional, making it the perfect laser to ticket those violating the school zone speed limit and protect those students who are crossing the streets. With features such as pinpoint targeting, split-second speed-reading capabilities, and unquestionable accuracy, police officers are guaranteed to quickly pinpoint a single vehicle in multi-lane traffic with absolute certainty every, single time.

Learn more about the TruSpeed and its benefits.

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