TISPOL Speeding Enforcement Marathon Issues Over 120,000 tickets in 24 hours

by admin 11. May 2015 13:53

TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, held the first ever 24-hour speed enforcement marathon in early April. With 17 of the 22 participating countries so far providing data, there has been a whopping 122,581 speeding offences ticketed. German police issued the most with over 91,000 summons.

Speeding is a major issue worldwide and in this area the data proves it as a fact. Every third fatality on the roads is the victim of speeding according to region's interior minister Ralf J├Ąger. In the last year alone, over 27,000 people died in road collisions throughout the European Union. TISPOL announced a new three-year strategic plan in which they reaffirmed their commitment to to the European Union's road death reduction target of 50% by 2020.

A short video recorded during the event shows police in action using such speed enforcement tools as Laser Technology's LTI 20/20 TeleLaser laser speed gun. Eltraff, LTI's authorized dealer in Italy, renamed LTI's Marksman - the first ever laser speed device developed - to be sold as the LTI 20/20 TeleLaser in their area. Italy is a strong supporter of protecting the safety of their roadways and enforcing the speed limit. The proof is in the facts - there are over 1,000 hand-held lasers in Italy alone helping law enforcement officers and agencies. They also have purchased more Micro DigiCams, LTI's first photo video speed enforcement device, than any other country.

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